MTL660: Wonderworld All-in-1 Coffee Shop

Wonderworld All-in-1 Coffee Shop photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: KT
  • No Pieces: 22
  • Manufacturer: Wonderland Toys
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Replacement cost: $85.00
  • Donated by: Kitchener's Cafe
  • Storage: : Plastic Box


This realistic two-sided compact and portable coffee maker is perfect for your little barista as it simulates total coffee shop experience! One side is the coffee maker with buttons and coffee and milk dispenser. Another side is the storefront with lovely deserts. Improve imagination and ability to interact with other children. 


1 x coffee machine
1 x filter holder part
1 x coffee cup
2 x teaspoons
1 x coffee bean cup
4 x cookies
2 x cake slices
1 x donut
1 x white takeaway cup
1 x takeaway cup lid
1 x white sugar
1 x brown sugar
1 x milk carton
1 x strawberry sprinkle cupcake
1 x chocolate sprinkle cupcake
1 x lemon cupcake
1 x blueberry cupcake