MTL661: Wooden Castle Playset

Wooden Castle Playset photo
  • Category: IP
  • No Pieces: 64
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Storage: : Plastic Box


This castle toy inspires pretend play, aiding development of skills such as language, social skills and problem solving skills.


3 x tower tops
1 x orange & brown pyramid tower top
1 x large throne room
1 x stairs
1 x catapult
4 x parapet walks (different sizes)
3 x large walls (different sizes)
6 x tall tower walls with doorways & windows
6 x tall tower walls with arrowslits
1 x large wall with drawbridge
1 x large tower wall with windows & door
1 x large tower wall with large window
2 x large tower wall with arrowslits
2 x small side walls with holes for drawbridge roller
1 x rectangle floor piece for throneroom

10 x figures (1 x Queen, 1 x King + 8 x knights)
8 x weapons
2 x horses
2 x horse blankets
3 x ladders
2 x thrones
1 x flag
1 x drawbridge crank handle
1 x catapult ball

Warnings! Small pieces. Not suitable for under 3's.